Welcome to your personal privacy dashboard!

We at CloverIT want you to understand how we process your personal data. Therefore, we use the TRAPEZE Privacy Dashboard, which helps us to grant you your rights as a data subject. You can learn more about TRAPEZE in our FAQ section or by visiting the TRAPEZE website. In this dashboard, you can view what personal data we (CloverIT) process and for which purposes. When you registered for our service, you consented to our privacy policy. This dashboard allows you to configure your consent on a fine-grained level. You can give or revoke your consent based on the following:

  • Types of data we process like location, name, or biometric information.
  • Purposes for which we process data like advertising, marketing, or identity verification.

We recommend using the 'Consent Assistant' to express your preferences and match them against your consent decisions.

Consent Assistant
Tell us (CloverIT) which of your data we may use.
Tell us (CloverIT) what we may use your data for.
View the consent you gave us (CloverIT).
Learn more about the TRAPEZE project of the European Union.
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